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  • Youth Livelihood Programme

    Minister on Inspection Visits to Youth Livelihood Programme Projects in Naksunga, Mukono District

  • UWEP

    Women Beneficiary Groups of the Programme

  • International Youth Day Celebrations 2019


  • Social Development Sector Review

    A time to take stock of achievements and challenges in the Sector and plan for a better perfomance

  • Green Jobs and Fair Labour Market Programme

    Creation of green and decent employment, enhancement labour productivity, and reduction of poverty

  • #MGLSD

  • International Labour Day 2019



All we need to know about the various institutional groups under the ministry.


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I welcome all our web visitors to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development web portal, an ongoing initiative to inform and educate our beloved citizenry on activities of the Ministry and the entire Social development sector as a whole. We have refined our web portal by creating more avenues to hear from you, thereby making our portal more interactive, a concept that is in tune with modern times. We therefore wish to read more of your opinions about our services, publications, and even your expectations of services delivery.

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