Directorate of Labour, Employment and Occupational Safety and Health

The Promotion of Labour, Productivity and Employment seeks to provide an improved environment for increasing employment and productivity for the economically active labour force.

The Vote Function provides an enabling environment for equitable access to safe, healthy and decent employment.

It complements service delivery in all sectors by ensuring that there are more employment opportunities, good working conditions and increased productivity at all levels to ensure sustainable approach to the development process.

It is responsible for provision of technical guidance; initiation of policy formulation; implementation; the establishment & maintenance of Labour Market Information Systems; development of labour employment and standards & guidelines.

It provides for the enforcement and observance of the labour laws including Employment Act No 6 (2006); Labour Unions Act No 7 (2006); Labour Disputes Arbitration and Settlement Act No 8 (2006); Occupational Safety and Health Act No 9 (2006) and Statutory Instrument No 62 on Externalization of Labour as well as the National Social Security Act (1985).

It is not only responsible for settlement of Worker’s compensation claims for the public sector but also responsible for assessment of compensation claims for the workers in the private sector.

It also settles complaints and disputes at work places; and conducts statutory inspections of work places to ensure that the safety and health measures are put in place to protect workers from industrial accidents and occupational diseases and non-observance of the working conditions.

It does not only train workers but also develops their skills and conducts advocacy and networking with international organizations like the ILO, ARLAC, EAC, OPCW, UNFPA, UNDP, USDOL and IOM.

Services for promotion of labour, productivity and employment are provided through public investment programmes / projects which include Labour and Industrial Relations; Occupational Safety and Health; Industrial Court; Employment Services, Labour Market Information System as well as the Strengthening Safeguard, Safety and Health at Workplaces.

Director Labour, Employment and OSH Concept Note

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