NUSAF 3 - Safety Nets Mechanisms Implementation: Single Registry For Social Protection

In November 2015, the Government of Uganda approved the National Social Protection Policy (NSPP) along with the Programme Plan of Interventions (PPI).

The NSPP overarching goal is to promote effective coordination and implementation of relevant social protection interventions and is an integral part of the Uganda Vision 2040 which underscores the importance of social protection in addressing risks and vulnerabilities.

According to the National Social Protection Policy (NSPP), social protection – in the Ugandan context – refers to public and private interventions to address risks and vulnerabilities that expose individuals to income insecurity and social deprivation, leading to undignified lives.

The social protection system comprises of two pillars, namely: social security and social care and support services.

The PPI, which is effectively a costed strategy for implementing NSPP, aims to improve the delivery of social protection services in Uganda by pursuing the following objectives:

  1.  To expand the scope and coverage of contributory social security;
  2. To expand provision of direct income support to vulnerable individuals and households;
  3.  To enhance provision of holistic social care and support services to individuals and families at the risk of social exclusion, neglect or abuse; and
  4. To strengthen the institutional framework for coordinated social protection service delivery.

The social protection policy and Programme Plan of Interventions explicitly identify the need for a tool – which is commonly referred to as a “Single Registry” for social protection programmes - that would be used to harmonise and coordinate information management across the social protection sector.

As part of determining the appropriate approach to harmonising and coordinating information management within the social protection sector, the Government of Uganda, the Expanding Social Protection Programme (ESP) – with support from DFID/UKAID, Irish Aid and UNICEF – and the World Bank supported Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF 3) – has commissioned the design and Development of the Single Registry for Social Protection.