Uganda Child Helpline-116

In 2014, the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) in partnership with UNICEF and other stakeholders established the Toll-Free Number 116 as the Uganda Child Helpline (UCHL)/Sauti to encourage children and adults to report cases of child abuse and all forms of child rights violations.

The UCHL service is one of the mechanisms to strengthen child protection in the country as a government of Uganda led service.

UCHL links children at risk, in need of care and support & protection to various services through case management reporting pathways.

Our brand Sauti emphasizes the importance of strengthening and safe guarding voices of children especially the most vulnerable and marginalized who are often unheard and denied protection and care.

The Uganda Child Helpline, also known by its brand name Sauti, offers a toll-free telephone service on the short code 116 which is accessible on all telecommunication networks in the country.

The telephone service operates 24/7 and is just one of the ways in which the Child Helpline aims to protect children. Other approaches employed by the Helpline to offer child protection include:

• Handling walk-in clients’ cases;

• Responding to cases reported through the U-report platform;

• Follow up of child abuse cases reported through various Media (including social media);

• Handling cases that entail Online Child Sexual Abuse; and

• Community awareness raising campaigns in schools, communities and on radios & television, etc.

Click here to access the Uganda Child Helpline-116 official website