National Gender Based Violence Database

Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development is a Government Ministry with a responsibility to empower communities in diverse areas.

The Ministry promotes cultural growth, skills development and labour productivity while promoting gender equality, labour administration, social protection and transformation of communities.

This Ministry commonly call Ministry of Gender has one of its major tasks to ensure that all Ugandans enjoy better standards of living, especially the disadvantages and vulnerable groups. 

The Ministry came into being by a constitutional requirement of the 1995 Constitution, Chapters 4 and 16 which mandates government to: “empower communities to harness their potential through skills development, Labour productivity and cultural growth.”

The constitution advocates for protection and promotion of fundamental rights of the poor and other vulnerable groups as well as institutions of traditional or cultural leaders.

It is comprised of the Social Development Sector (SDS) that promotes issues of social protection, gender equality, equity, human rights, culture, decent work conditions and empowerment for different groups such as women, children, the unemployed youth, internally displaced persons, the older persons and persons with disabilities.

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) is the lead agency for this sector and is charged with the development and implementation of the Social Development Investment Plan (SDIP) with the mandate to empower communities to harness their potential through cultural growth, skills development and Labour productivity for sustainable and gender responsive development.

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