Kobulin Youth Skills Training Centre

Kobulin Youth Skills Training Centre is mandated to empower out of school youth to harness their potential through non skills development. The mandate is achieved through: on formal skills training to out school youth, entrepreneurship and life skills implemented by Kobulin youth skills training centre-Napak.
1.1 Introduction:
Kobulin Youth Skills Training Centre was officially launched and Commissioned by Hon. Minister of Karamoja/First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni on 8th June 215 to provide non- formal skills to out of school youth and also provide temporary transit facility for migrant children returning from the streets of Kampala and other towns.
2.1 Overall objective:
The overall objective of Kobulin Youth Skills centre is to protect and empower the vulnerable young people for improved livelihood especially within Karamoja and Eastern Uganda.
2.2 Specific objectives:
i. To continue to lobby for rehabilitation, expansion of Kobulin Youth Skills Centre with furnishings and installation of necessary facilities.
ii. To provide transit facility, welfare, protection, psychosocial services for vulnerable children through integration and reduction of outward migration of children and youth out of Karamoja.
iii. To provide tailored skills training and socio-economic support to the vulnerable young people and women.